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Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.


Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

I feel foolish.

Placed an order and immediately had second thoughts. The website said I could cancel within 24hrs. Sent email and was ignored, just like everyone else. Opened dispute and they "shipped" right after PayPal contacted them. I knew it was bogus. Almost 2 months later, tracking hasn't moved since 1 month in, PayPal sided with them.

My bank took the dispute. I would encourage anyone who's been burned to contact their bank. Filed and goods not as expected/have not received. Willing to jump through hoops to get my $89 back. Hope I'm wrong but feel like PayPal will just yank it from my account if the bank sides with me. 


Gotta wonder why kind of protection PayPal offers if they can't catch on to these people. Doesn't seem to be a lack of evidence.

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Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

This has been reported (by me) 4 times....before Covid-19. I've had recent conversations as well naming the 3 (at least) names that they use. The response from PayPal??? CRICKETS, SILENCE. They have recently changed the terms of their agreement and we can't sue them. But we sure the heck can get them shut down!
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Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

Case Resolved! 100% refund


I was worried, but ultimately Paypal came through for me when I followed the proper case resolution procedure.

1. Try to resolve the case with the seller.
They tried to offer me 20% and 'informed' me that I would have to ship back to an address in China and this would cost me approx 66% of my original order.  I replied during the resolution attempt and said I would take 80% (20% for the lesson learned**), and if they didn't accept I would be after them for 100%

2. Escalate to Paypal before the resolution period has expired.

Make sure you get on your horse with the emails, check frequently for replies from the seller, and respond calmly politely  intelligently.  Be Cordial - no aggression.. 

3. Make sure you keep a record and timeline of your engagement.

From purchase to escalation.  

4. Take screen shots of the sellers store front. (Optional - I didn't have to provide any info)

In my case, the seller took the store down shortly after my escalation - perhaps by chance, but I saved the page anyway

5. Look for discrepancies between what was promised and what was delivered.

Luckily in my case there was a major discrepancy - The product "Shipping Dimensions and Weight" were listed clearly on the page, and did not match shipping label - not even close.  Shipping description was 500G, the product that was shipped to me was 6g.  That was the biggest piece of evidence that I had.


Additional info:

** On point 1, lesson learned.  The offer I saw was so good, that it was too good.  I'd seen the product listed elsewhere for 5x the price, so I was going for the deal.  I found humor in the result - I wanted to order a "Drawing Robot" and they sent me a pen - Making me the "drawing robot".  I've also seen your posts about ordering a "Tennis Serving Machine" and they sent you a tennis ball, making you the "Tennis Serving Machine".  Kudos to them for trying and at least being humorous about it.


Good luck!


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Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

Shame on Shopify!


So Paypal did protect me, but Shopify has not responded.   I know this isn't a "Shopify" forum, but chances are the storefront that defrauded you is actually hosted on Shopify infrastructure.

How can you check?

Many times there is a "Powered by Shopify" logo at the bottom of the page.  If not you can use free tools to lookup and identify who is hosting the storefront you were defrauded by
1. take the URL (that is the website address) and perform an 'ip lookup'  you can do this on various websites on the internet - use your favorite search engine to read up on how to do this.  You can also use the 'ping' command in windows, mac or linux to do this.  The name should convert to an IP address.  In my case:
  Pinging changbug com [] with 32 bytes of data:

  Reply from bytes=32 time=9ms TTL=55

You can see the address is


IP addresses are like phone numbers and control the routing of 'packets' from your computer to the store front, and back.  Shopify owns (or leases) large blocks of IP addresses and hosts the stores for many sellers on servers at these locations.


2. Take that IP address and go to a WHOIS BY IP ADDRESS site -this will be another internet search to find a site that will do this for free- avoid ad sites 🙂
This will reveal who 'owns' the IP address:

NetRange:    [Removed. Phone #s not permitted]227.63.255
CIDR:        [Removed. Phone #s not permitted]
NetName:        SHOPIFY-NET
NetHandle:      NET-23-227-32-0-1
Parent:         NET23 (NET-23-0-0-0-0)
NetType:        Direct Assignment
OriginAS:       AS62679
Organization:   Shopify, Inc. (SHOPI-1)
RegDate:        2013-09-19
Updated:        2013-09-19

OrgName:        Shopify, Inc.
OrgId:          SHOPI-1
Address:        <removed>
City:           <removed>
StateProv:      <removed>
PostalCode:     <removed>
Country:        CA
RegDate:        2013-07-09
Updated:        2014-10-31

In my case it's pretty clear- shopify


I escalated to Shopify, and there is a  forum, similar to this one, hosted there.  Shopify refuses to pull down the sites - I'm not sure why.  Instead Shopify will direct you to contact the storefront 'owner' (who will not reply) and Shopify's policy with regards to store fronts and product misrepresentation.  I diligently followed Shopify's escalation procedure and they have yet to act or respond, and while the look, feel and products listed at changbug dot com ( the storefront where I was scammed) may have changed, it continues to operate to this minute, ready for the next victim.


This has really turned me off of sites hosted by Shopify - I'd mentioned in previous posts that I am Canadian - unfortunately I'm not proud that Shopify is a Canadian company, and I would never recommend anyone purchasing any items from any Shopify hosted store front.  You are at risk.


Turning a blind eye to fraud while profiting is a bottom feeding, bush league,  B-Team move.  really disappointing.    Terrible.


Fortunately for me, Paypal has stood by their buyer protection policy and fully refunded my purchase.


You may have heard of Ali Express - and have the stigma that it's Chinese, and might be shady, but I'll frame a statement in these facts:


  • I've personally ordered north of 1000 items from Ali Express over maybe 75 transactions and had 1 item not show up, and in that occurrence, the seller quickly (and almost fearfully) reshipped my order, no questions asked.  Ali Express is largely feedback driven, and the sellers will do anything to get good feed[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]ellers I received my product as described and promised

  • I've ordered 5 things from Shopify hosted sites and had issues with two of the transactions that resulted in dispute and escalation. I've been dissatisfied and my issues were not resolved 40% of the time I've ordered from Shopify.  I will not attempt to improve this rate.

The irony is that it seems as though Chinese Fraudsters choose to use Shopify (North American - Canadian!)  as their platform of choice, and not the Chinese hosted Ali Express because they can get away with scams for long periods of time on Shopify, but wouldn't last long on Ali Express.

Go figure that one out.


Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

Yep, ther're good. They got $33 out of me for a 6 pack of toilet paper (showing it to be a "48 Double Roll" when ordered). Then they knew how to play PayPal and the credit card chargeback divisions and keep the money... ... ...


Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

Dispute the order now with PayPal. Then file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Do not let them get away with it and do not settle for anything less than a full refund or the product that you ordered.
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Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

I placed an order with "Rearereal" though a Facebook ad... never again! the products they ordered were RC vehicles that were advertised as metal construction, about 1:14 size and looked decent. When I got were completely different, cheap, plastic toys that we're nowhere near what was advertised. I had the same experience as a lot of the buyers here. Also, delivery took a month over the ETA. And when I wanted to return the product, they told me that I would have to pay for return shipping and that I might not even get a full refund if what I was complaining about was not fully accurate. Instead, I opted for a refund of 80% of the purchase price. All three of the RC vehicles that were purchased broke within one day.

Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

I have also been scammed by this company: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

I emailed PayPal and questioned why they had not blocked this fraudulent company as it has received numerous complaints against them including here in the forum.
Paypal insists that I have to return a lousy tennis ball to China (which would cost $ 15 in shipping) when I bought and paid for a dog ball launcher for $ 24. Otherwise I can not get a refund.

PayPal response:
Third question: Regarding with the scam sites.
We have around 22 million registered merchant accounts we can not go through every single one indivitually and determaind that they are scammers.
We rely on our users to report these accounts and when they get reported by enough people they get reviewed and dealt with.
If they still are on our site, that means that not enough people have reported them so our security system has reacted on them.

I wonder how many registrations are needed? - Let´s keep on and report the scammers!!!


Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

You are correct. There are 63 PAGES of complaints and comments in this forum and PayPal hasn’t done **bleep** about it. And apparently doesn’t intend to. I cancelled my account, and I hope everyone else does too

Re: Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

My bank won't help me. I can't believe I'm out $89 because of a scam. I did everything I was supposed to. Tried to cancel within an hour or two. They ignored the emails, "shipped" days later only after PayPal contacted them about the claim. 3 months and nothing. Tracking stopped in June. Buyer protection? What the hell? These guys are blatantly scamming and there's nothing anyone can do? I used PayPal thinking I was protected. Cost me $89 to learn that was bull.