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Fradulent Transaction


Fradulent Transaction

A guy I thought was a friend stole my phone while I was asleep, and logged into my PayPal and transfered himself $200, and when I try to dispute it, PayPal tells me that they're not seeing where it's fradulent. What's that about?! I just told you that it wasn't Mez and they let it go through, what can I do?
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Re: Fradulent Transaction



Sadly you are responsible in keeping your device / password and access to your paypal account safe.

You didn't so you and not paypal are responsible.

What is not considered an Unauthorized Transaction

The following are NOT considered Unauthorized Transactions:

  • If you give someone access to your PayPal account (by giving them your login information) and they use your PayPal account without your knowledge or permission. You are responsible for transactions made in this situation.
  • Invalidation and reversal of a payment as a result of the actions described under Refunds, Reversals and Chargeba

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