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Fake clothes, antisocialsocialclub


Fake clothes, antisocialsocialclub

We ordered 1 sweater and 1 t-shirt of antisocialsocialclub on their website - the one they use on Instagram, and after our PP payment, we say it was a Chinese company. I cancelled the order, after 8 minutes - and explained them why I wanted to order and to get refunded.
Their cancellation policy was clearly explained on the website (you can cancel within the 6 hrs after ordering).
It was a Saterday, so I sended an email on Sunday and one on Monday - to tell then I didn't wanted the order - and I cancelled within the legal timeframe.
I received a reaction on Tuesday to tell me it was to late, goods were shipped ?? I explained that my cancellation was because I say their were not shipping from USA but China, so the clothes will be fake. 


They told me 'sorry shipment left already, but we can find an arrangement, once they arrive' - we have received them and yes they are fake... so I told them, and ... they offer a discount or a voucher to buy something from their shop ?? oh yeah ... we want buy more fake stuff.... they really don't understand how to treat a customer.

Has anyone the same experience ?