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Fake Website

New Community Member

Fake Website

Googled for Lysol wipes and didnt realize I was on a fake website. The website made themselves look like the real Lysol.

After purchase via Paypal, I tried to dispute but accidentally selected the wrong time of dispute.

The case was closed and now I am unable to open a new dispute.  I tried contact via message and was waiting for 8 hours.

Finally got a message from customer services /o/  and then they closed it!!!!

Without letting me respond.  


I will NEVER purchase anything via paypal the customer services is HORRIBLE.

HELP what are my options?!?  I will have to also dispute via credit card but they want to to try to contact Paypal first.


And above it ALL the website is now now longer there.  How can Paypal support FRAUD BUSINESSESS?!?!