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FRAUD - Is PayPal ignoring anyone else's reports of FRAUD???


FRAUD - Is PayPal ignoring anyone else's reports of FRAUD???

I've reported fraudulent charges made to my account to PayPal - to which the simply respond that they disagree and ignore my claims.  They completely disregard the information that I send and simply close the case.

Now attempting to simply close my account and am unable.  I receive an error message telling me to contact customer service - and regardless of what message I send customer service, they simply ignore my message and send the same instructions instructing how to close my account online - WHICH DOESN'T WORK.

I am at wits end, calling simply yields a 20 minute navigation through a menu at the end of which I hear "there are no agents available to process your"

Has anyone else here experienced this - and what did you so to resolve this?

I've opened a case with the Federal Trade Commission and am going to contact the Attorney General today.  These crooks have my bank account information, credit card information, and personal information - and seem to think they have no responsibility to me with regard to having this information & NOW someone is using this information to steal from me, THROUGH PayPal, and PayPal is protecting THEM!