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FRAUD- AEO Management Co Charge


FRAUD- AEO Management Co Charge

I received a charge from AEO Management Co which I don't have ANY clue what this is. The great folks at Paypal said they determined there was no unauthorized use. How? I don't have a clue what this company is. After further investigation they charged me THE SAME AMOUNT in April. I've cancelled the payment and reached out to Paypal but haven't been give anymore info. I've emailed the provided email address. Based on my gut, this seems like it's an internal problem. Watch your statement closely. After I pay my Paypal CC I'm closing my account based on how they handled this. Very upset. 

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Re: FRAUD- AEO Management Co Charge

I also got charged and mine was from American eagle outfitters. It’s a clothing store and online store. My purchase was correct but at first I didn’t realize what it was.