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Estonian e-Resident - PayPal Permanently Limited

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Estonian e-Resident - PayPal Permanently Limited



I got an email from PayPal after i send my bank account statement and it was saying that PayPal has permanently limited my account and started account closure.

I'm appealing to my PayPal Business Account closure as my right.

I have contacted with customer service and they told me that we cannot do anything because decision is final ! 


PayPal says i should register to correct country which is Turkey in my case 

I'm Estonian e-Resident who is living in Turkey and my company is registered in Estonia a month ago.
I have business license and residence certification issued by Estonian government. My company has office and bank account in Estonia


We're doing retail sale of home decor products on eBay. Most of our target customers are located in Estonia and Europe.


I talked with other business owners located in Estonia about this situation, and they said that they did not face any problem like this with PayPal


Using PayPal in Turkey is forbidden and this is not my fault.
I am a customer of PayPal, I did all thing legal by following rules of PayPal Business account.


I need your advice and help 😞

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Re: Estonian e-Resident - PayPal Permanently Limited



Paypal is country specific so you have to open a paypal account in the country you reside in and add an address / phone number / and bank accounts from within that country.

Advice is VOLUNTARILY given.
Please leave Kudos / Solution if I have helped you.
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Re: Estonian e-Resident - PayPal Permanently Limited

Bulrosa, did you solve the problem?

I had the same problem. Although my company is in Estonia, my account has been closed.