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Did you mean: is a Bait and Switch rip off company.

Contributor is a Bait and Switch rip off company. advertised a wifi security camera with SD card for $29.  They only send the SD card. When you complain, they say they sent you the inventory number (item) you paid for.  If you dispute it, they offer to let you pay to return the item to China and - if they receive it - they will refund your money. The cost to send a trackable package to China is more than the purchase cost.  In this way, they can continue to bilk customers.

PayPal has been made aware and so far is offering to make you pay to return the item to China. This is very disappointing.
There has been no indication that PayPal is looking into stopping this dishonest and dishonorable business practice.



Looks like a camera order to me.Looks like a camera order to me.SecurityCameraOrder-establishloves-2.JPG
In the future I would hope that PayPal would at least warn customers that they were about to send money to a company with a poor buyer satisfaction record.  It would have stopped me from ordering.





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Re: is a Bait and Switch rip off company.



Sadly paypal can't vet every single seller or merchant worldwide that adds paypal to their web site.

Scammers are most as per below so best check them out first before buying.

Chinese Web Sites or on Social Media ads easy to spot (once you know the below signs) so buyer beware.

1. No return address on the returns policy............thats because the site will look as if its in your country (where they despatch goods from) BUT they will ask for returns to go back to China (returns depot) at a shipping cost nearly always more than the item is worth.
2. No contact telephone number............if you click on contact the most you will get is webmail or an email address.
3. No company address information.
4. Great looking items at bargain prices that turn out to be tat.

HOWEVER you may still have the option to do a charge back if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card.
Also Paypal may contribute towards return costs IF you have activated the below link (if available in your country).

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Re: is a Bait and Switch rip off company.


definately a scam, advertises cameras, you get sent two small sym cards. I had my original invoice and they changed the one they sent me.


Complaining to face book and finding out where they are based.