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Email from paypal ? or scam


Email from paypal ? or scam

I got an email today saying my account has been suspended until I enter my personal info including my social security number.  Has this happened to anyone else? 

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Re: Email from paypal ? or scam



If its a spoof then NEVER USE ANY LINK.

Firstly if the email/text addressed you as ''Dear Member'' / ''Customer'' / ''Client'' OR your ''email address'' then that confirms its a spoof as paypal would address you by your full name eg Dear John Smith.

Secondly if there was a link OR attachment in that email/text to ''cancel'' any transaction or ''confirm'' any details then again it would be a spoof.

If there was a problem with your account Paypal would not ask you to click on an unsafe link in an email or by downloading an attachment, they would direct you to log in normally and go to the resolution or the message centre for more information.

More info here >>

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