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Elaborate scammer facilitated by PayPal


Elaborate scammer facilitated by PayPal

Dear Paypal, Please be advised of the following Paypal address being used to accept payments as part of an elaborate scam that involves the scammer impersonating a reputable MQL5 vendor (Vasiliy <removed>) and Private Messaging persons on Telegram.

A screenshot of their recent Private Messages is attached.
I request Paypal please do the following:
- Remove this email address from your system and block payments to it.
- Return any funds that this address has received.
- Confirm the actions you have taken.
This Paypal user may be in breach of Paypal's Terms and Conditions by this illegal use. Failure by Paypal to take action on the aforementioned Paypal account will mean that Paypal is complicit and liable legally to the fullest extent of the law for facilitating fraud activity, and all damages associated with that Paypal account.

Sincerely, Matthew  IMPORTANT: This email and its attachments are for the sole use of the addressee and may contain information which is confidential and/or legally privileged. If you received this email in error, please immediately delete it from your system and notify the sender by return email.



Re: Elaborate scammer facilitated by PayPal


This is the scammer, who is impersonating a reputed MQL5 vendor by name Mr Vasiliy Strukov.
Please block this email address from receiving or making payments.
Please reverse payments made to this account.

Failure by PayPal to prevent this fraud will be deemed as condoning and facilitating fraud activity and PayPal will be liable for the legal consequences of their inaction.