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Ebay preorder purchase gone wrong

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Ebay preorder purchase gone wrong

I bought an item over a year ago that was (at the time) a sold out pre-order through main retailers. I bought it off a 'scalper', who listed the item on ebay, and the seller had a 100% positive feedback rating. The ordered item was subsequently delayed by 9 months and was only released 9 days ago. I tried getting in touch with the seller via ebay twice to check on the status of my order and I'm convinced the seller is dodging my messages and has no intention of shipping the item. Both ebay and PayPal have rejected/not allowed me to open a dispute because it is past their time frames where a dispute can be opened, despite the fact that this was a pre-order, that was then delayed beyond my control. Do I have any options? Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Ebay preorder purchase gone wrong



Sadly not, you could try your card issuer if you funded your paypal payment with a card but it may be out of time for them as well.

You should have opened a dispute for non receipt of item > got a refund > then when the item was available purchased it again.

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