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Ebay buyer paid for item and then the balance disappeared as buyer logged a dispute?


Ebay buyer paid for item and then the balance disappeared as buyer logged a dispute?

Hello All,


I have a problem with an ebay transaction which is the first time this has happened to me. 

I received payment for an item which I haven't shipped yet. I saw the money had come into my paypal account today and made preparations to package up the item and ship it, but when I checked my account again and saw the balance was back to zero funds which I thought was odd I realised the money was being held by paypal as the buyer had disputed the transaction. Paypal stated the buyer has probably disputed the transaction as the payment may have been made without their consent, my first reaction was to initiate a refund so I did that on my phone which I am not sure went through or not as it was still asking me how to respond to the dispute after I clicked refund.  I then contacted the buyer and they told me they meant the item to go to another postal address: The message reads as below:  


Hi! I'm sorry, I bought the goods as a for my daughter, but forgot to change the delivery address. Can you send it to my daughter? I wrote the address next in this message.
And one more request. ‘Cos it's a gift, please don’t send an invoice. Delivery via Royal Mail please! thank you!
There is right address, sorry for my mistake:

Then I received another message from the buyer:


Money on hold due to the fact that you have a low seller rating. Paypal itself has set the "payment after delivery" function. If you send first class today, the money will be available tomorrow morning. Delivery takes 24 hours


I replied back and said that was not the reason I was seeing on my account for the payment being held and advised he would need to contact paypal to release the funds, and once that was done I would post the item.  Since then I have not heard anything from the buyer but my balance on my paypal account says I am now in minus figures (£-11.90) and that action is required to pay paypal? 


I appear to be in some sort of limbo where either the refund went through and I now have to pay paypal back? or the funds are still being held but the buyer hasn't contacted paypal to release the funds or something else is going on?? So I'm not sure what my next move is and why I need to pay paypal as their fee came out automatically from the amount that was paid into my account.  Can anyone help me? 


Kind Regards