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Download Software Dispute - How to win?

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Download Software Dispute - How to win?

Unbelievable! First you say show us you sent the download instructions. I sent you .pdf of the emails sent to the customer. I sent you a pdf of the instructions sent through PayPal. That wasn't good enough.So you said send us proof he got the instructions. So I sebnt you the activation showing he had used one. So he is activated. That wasn't good enough, so you asked for the IP address of the activation. I had the publisher send me the IP address and sent you the IP address from publisher. NOW you say that isn't good enough. Should I call the police and have his computer confiscated??? This is aiding and abetting a theft!


What does PayPal consider VALID proof that he received, activated and is using software that he says he never received.

I am floored with your inability to grant the dispute to us.My company has been using PayPal for more than 10 years. If you allow customers to steal from your clients, then what good is this service?