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Double Payment for Tickets

New Community Member

Double Payment for Tickets

Hi Everyone,


I booked some gig tickets online, went through the billings page and which failed at the last moment - the payment did not go through.


I tried again, this time I was successful - tickets booked.


A couple of hours later, I checked my PayPal account and I can see that I've now paid twice.


I've gotten in touch with the seller (Music Glue) and I'm awaiting their response however, there T&Cs state that they dont offer refunds, they can transfer to a new name but no refund. 


I'm at a loss as to what to to do, any advice will be gratefully received.







Re: Double Payment for Tickets

Hi CW4748,


Thank you for your post and welcome to our Community Help Forum!


I am sorry about your issue. If you identify a billing issue with a transaction on your account, we encourage you to report it in the Resolution Centre as soon as possible.  

Some examples of billing issues include:

  • You returned an item to a seller or cancelled a transaction with a seller, but haven’t received your refund.
  • You received multiple charges from the same seller but completed only one purchase.
  • The charge on your PayPal account is not the same as you agreed to or have on a receipt.
  • You paid for the purchase using your credit card or bank account, but also have a charge on your PayPal account.
  • You had a recurring billing agreement with a seller that you have cancelled, but were still billed after the cancellation.

Please contact us by clicking 'Help & Contact' at the bottom of the PayPal homepage so that we can look into this further. You may reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.


I hope this helps.