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Double-Charged, Funds moved without knowledge or permission

New Community Member

Double-Charged, Funds moved without knowledge or permission

I've never dealt with this with Paypal before, so I am unsure if that's standard procedure.


I was charged twice at a Family Dollar because the first time I ran my card for $55, the machine messed up after I'd put my PIN in. The second time, it went through & I was appropriately charged for that. I got my notification and everything.

Almost an hour later, I get notified of a charge to my account, for ANOTHER $55, but it was from the first "failed" transaction, which put me in the negative. I went back to Family Dollar, which they assured me the charge would go away by the next morning. I wasn't too worried, as my funds were saved in a "side account" (one of those "savings accounts" you can open with Paypal to save money, and transfer funds in and out of immediately)


I look at my account the next morning, & not only was the charge still there, Paypal ALSO moved my money from my side account into my main account to pay for the charge that shouldn't have been there in the first place! Filed a dispute, but they want until JANUARY before it's looked at. 

Is there anything else I can do?