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Does PayPal know about the 2015 Consumer Rights Policy?


Does PayPal know about the 2015 Consumer Rights Policy?

Hi everyone,

I bought a £1900 PC through PayPal, When it came the front case light didn't work, the rear controller din not work the internal case lights correctly and the Graphics card got so hot you could fry an egg on the side of the case, anyway i raise the returns that evening and called the seller the next day and they accepted the return, The seller states that they will do all the necessary testing and let me know the outcome. 13 days later the seller responded telling me it was all working fine but the glass in the case was broken, when I spoke to a supervisor she said that it was the actual case and not the glass. I told the seller I would not accept it back an they told me if I didn't they would dispose of it.. an intimidation tactic of course. they told me they had tested it but had no evidence, no pictures of damage or front LED case lights working, the only pictures they sent were the internal case lights and and a small picture of a temperature reading that showed no details about what was being tested, also no proof that the controller changed the internal case lights to a solid colour.

Pay pal are now asking me for the testing data? I told them that this seller should send them this as they state they will test it upon receipt? after explaining all this Pay pal is telling me they will find in favour of the seller?

to be quite Honest I will not take this item back, they have not proved that this item works and shown no signs of damage to the case, also as they are claiming the damage is my fault  when according the 2015 consumer rights act the burden of proof lies with the seller, also they should supply the data as there returns says they will test the machine?

so my question is...Do PayPal understand consumer Law and is there Payment Protection actually worth having?

they have ignored me now for 24 hours and I need to speak to someone about this, If i accept this item back I will make a video upon delivery straight from the courier while I switch it on and we will see if the original problems still exist.

seems like very poor service if they do not actually read the notes on the dispute and get the information from the seller?

This just seems like poor customer service, especially when I have emails from the seller showing the laughable testing they have done and pictures of the wrong lights on the case that do work.

hoping a moderator may see this and off some advice but I wont hold my breath.

Yet again is Does PayPal protection actually work for the buyer?

Do Pay pal understand consumer Law?

Thanks for reading, guys any advice would be helpful!


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Re: Does PayPal know about the 2015 Consumer Rights Policy?



All I know is, if you made a claim of something, then the other party gets a chance to refute it. If you disagree and say otherwise, you have to have evidence to rebut. Its like a court case. Did you inadvertently claim something else in addition, in the communication to PayPal and that's why PayPal responded the way they did asking for 'your' testing data to compare with the seller's?


Bottomline, if the PayPal dispute resolution which does have its limitations, is not meeting the needs of your claim, and you paid with credit card, then you can seek recourse with your card issuer instead who may have broader terms than PayPal. And I have seen a great deal of both sides getting ruled against. So its not always just protecting the seller or vice versa, its depends on the specific circumstances of each case.


If you go the credit card chargeback route, then the PayPal dispute will close and you'll have to resolve the issue with your card issuer exclusively. You can also go to consumer rights org for help against the seller.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: Does PayPal know about the 2015 Consumer Rights Policy?

So does PayPal understand the 2015 consumer rights act? Also how do I send my evidence as in the emails the seller sent me when they donr match the format PayPsl ask for? Also yes I understand how it works... but if the company takes it back.. say they will test it.. then they need to send the details.. as the emails they sent to me show no evidence of correct testing, pictures are not of the faulty lights but of the others that do work and no pictures to prove damage to the case? Also how would I have got it tested when we were on full lockdown also they accepted the ruturn and were sending it back because of supposed damage I have studied my consumer rights and it is the seller who has to show the burden of proof I damaged the item.. so yet again.. even in a court case the consumer rights 2015 would apply. So PayPal Need to use the consumer rights act as anyone can just say yay or nay depending on their own personal opinion. So as before do PayPal understand how to use the 2015 Consumer rights act