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The seller sent a cheaper necklace, instead of a baby crib. I never ordered the necklace. I think there was an internet scam, so I was deprived of a large amount of money (44,97 $). The seller does not reply to messages, the store Forcarehome does not reply to messages. I think that this store is a fake store: Please resolve this case as soon as possible and get my money back! Otherwise, we are willing to file a private lawsuit against the seller and you because you were the money back guarantee. Thank you, Lucija
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Re: Disputes



There is no money back guarantee, Paypal gives some buyer and some seller protection and its up to you to risk assess your transactions.

So you can go ahead and file a lawsuit or ask for advice on what to do for an item you did not receive or was not as described?


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Re: Disputes

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It is not clear in your comment that you have raised a dispute in the Resolution Centre of your account, if not please follow the instructions here. Please make sure you file it for the following reason :

  • Significantly Not as Described – You received an item, but it was significantly different from the seller’s original description. (You might have to pay return shipping costs, but may be eligible for Free Return Postage. Please check your eligibility and activate the service before filing the dispute.)





Re: Disputes

Yes, forcarehome is a scam.  I also received a cheap bracelet in the mail but was too dumb to realize this was sent instead of my double barrel composter.  I want to make others aware of this scam.  Paypal did not refund my money because the sellers produced a tracking number with the US Postal Service.  When I received the bracelet (several months after ordering and paying for the composter) I threw it away not knowing I should have hung on to it and the packaging.  Paypal was investigating why I had not received the item I purchased at that time but I did not receive any tracking information from Paypal until I had sent multiple messages to Paypal and finally had to call them today.    It has been months since I received the bracelet.  Well, now I know that if you don't want to be scammed, don't order from Facebook ads!  You live and learn.