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Disputes help!


Disputes help!

Buyer is stating they didn’t open a dispute. They are stating their financial institution did on their own. With that being said the money is held up and I’m in the negative. I can’t however afford to fix the negative balance. And I have sent screenshots to PayPal showing she stated she didn’t open the dispute. What else can I do??!
PayPal Employee

Re: Disputes help!

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Your Buyer's Card Issuer filed a chargeback against you. Chargeback isn’t the same as a PayPal claim. The chargeback process is initiated outside of PayPal, between the card issuer and their cardholder. In a dispute over a chargeback, the decision is ultimately made by the card issuer and we don't decide the outcome. Therefore,PayPal and you could not cancel it. Only the Buyer can cancel it and the Buyer need to notify their card issuer that they want to cancel that chargeback. Hope this helps!


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