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Disputes buyer protection


Disputes buyer protection

I am trying to find 8ut how to dispute a decision. I filled a claim 30 days after i purchased items because it was not shipped. 2 weeks later, after i refused to close the dispute after they told me to 4 times, the "shipped" i fmoved the dispute to a paypal claim. Paypal kept moving the claim response date out until the  item was recieved then closed in sellers favor.

I am now sitting here with a christmas present that arrived almost  3 week late, not because if shipping issues, but because the seller had no intention of ever shipping the item.

It is useless to me now but the seller getss their money, and they will do the same to others. I want my money back and i want paypal to tell the seller they cant scam people  

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Re: Disputes buyer protection



Why were you scammed you paid for an item and received it?

If it was too late for you then resell it yourself maybe?

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