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Disputes/Claims - UPS tracking information is NOT valid proof for PayPal

New Community Member

Disputes/Claims - UPS tracking information is NOT valid proof for PayPal

I want to point out that PayPal does NOT accept UPS tracking information as valid proof in disputes/claims. Our case was evaluated 5 times and the UPS tracking information was not accepted as valid proof:

We were unable to grant your appeal with the information you provided. It was not granted because we did not receive valid proof that the item was delivered to the buyer.


In the dispute we provided a link to UPS online tracking page. Added a PDF with the delivery address and signature of the buyer receiving the items ($1000). Both are seen as no valid proof by PayPal. In the support chat two supporters see the information as valid proof, the evaluators of the case still see it as invalid.


PayPal Sellers-Protection is a farce. Decisions made in our case are just unbelievable, we think that the claim process is done by throwing dices, a decision made originally, will always be kept, also after 5 times of re-evaluating. There is no human behind this process (as can be interpreted as the two supporters see it as valid proof and can read).


Sellers-Protection Help Page:

One way to show that proof is to use a carrier with online tracking. The recipient's name and address in the online tracking information must match those displayed in your Transaction Details page. For transactions involving items worth $750USD (or its equivalent in other currencies) or more, please also keep an online receipt with the recipient’s signature as proof of delivery.