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Disputed Payments Problem


Disputed Payments Problem

 I have two open cases regarding disputed payments where my account has been debited for over £###. Both of these items have been delivered with one confirming he was happy with the purchase and one having been confirmed delivered. 
>Seeing as both of those items have been delivered I cannot believe that I have had £### taken out of my account. 
>I don't understand how money can be taken away from me regarding two items I have already sold. 

Can someone please explain why I would have money taken away from me for a large sum of money for two items that have been delivered. Surely they cant do that unless I have the item delivered back to me. Especially when one of the buyers said he was still happy with the purchase and never opened a case. 

He said the only reason a case was opened was because he closed his pre-paid card account.


Reading the guide it says it can take up to 75 days... I find this completely unacceptable..



Re: Disputed Payments Problem

Hi Daanhaale, 


I am sorry to hear that not one but two cases were opened against you. If you were given a timeframe of 75 days that I would imagine that the cases opened against you were chargebacks. This is were your buyer goes directly to the card issuer to request a refund. If this is the case we would ask you to provide shipping information and use this information to dispute it on your behalf. I agree that the timeframes are long and as this are set by the card issuer we don't have the option to speed them up. Here is some information on chargebacks for you. 


I hope this helps,