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I just filed a a claim/dispute with Chase Visa against an auction house for selling me an item that was not accurately described. After going through my statements, I found that I actually paid through PayPal. My chase Visa is linked to my PayPal account. Can I file a claim with PayPal while my Chase visa claim is being reviewed? 

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Re: Dispute.



Not now you have gone to your card issuer.


You must choose whether to pursue a dispute with PayPal under our Purchase Protection program, or to pursue the dispute with your card issuer. You can't do both at the same time or seek a double recovery. If you pursue a dispute/claim with us and you also pursue a dispute for the same transaction with your card issuer, we'll close your dispute/claim with us. This won't affect the dispute process with your card issuer. In addition, if you pursue a dispute with your card issuer, you cannot pursue a dispute/claim with us later.

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