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Dispute resolution


Dispute resolution

There is something I don't understand with Paypal. Here is the case :


  1. I get an order on my website and I confirm I got it to the customer
  2. I send the package and confirm it with an email including the tracking number
  3. The package has been delivered to the customer by "La Poste" in France as mentioned on the website
  4. The customer open a dispute saying he did'nt get the package
  5. I send all the documents, screenshots.... as proofs the package has been delivered


... Paypal decide to refund the customer !!!! and says "We never received a reply from you in response to our latest inquiry. Since we did not hear from you, we consider the case amicably resolved and have closed it."


Please Mss Paypal, imagine our customer share this story on a social network... That means you can order on our website, pay with paypal, open a dispute (even the merchant has the proof the order has been delivered) and you are refunded !!!


How is it possible ?

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Re: Dispute resolution



Did you add the tracking number to the original transaction AND in the resolution centre?

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Re: Dispute resolution

Yes !!!


I allways put the tracking number in Paypal + I uploaded proof that we sent the package and that the package has been delivered on time in the resolution center (3 times)


2 times Paypal sais the didnt get any proof  and I can see them in the resolution center.


Re: Dispute resolution

Hi Juan-Paixao, 


I am sorry to hear what has happened. Generally with a case like this, once we can confirm a buyer has received their item by using the tracking information the case would go in your favour. When you responded to the case did you just provide the proof of shipping or the tracking number also? Are you shipping to the same address on the transaction details page on your PayPal account? If you are not shipping to the address that we provide you with and shipping to another address then this would mean that we would be unable to find the case in your favour as we would be unable to confirm the delivery address. 


I hope this helps shed some light on the situation for you.