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Dispute problem

New Community Member

Dispute problem



This was my first thing I sold using paypal. I didnt know I shouldnt claim the money untill I have provided postage information. now it is in dispute. and the seller also had his old address on there. he changed it now. I am trying to refund his money so we can do it again properly but I cant.


is there a way to stop the dispute and whole case and just refund the money?


thanks in advance


Re: Dispute problem

Hello @Laskan,


Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear about your first experience receiving funds through PayPal. I would recommend refunding the transaction at this point and having the buyer resend the payment. Main reason is if you send it to any other address than what is listed in the transaction details, you will lose your Seller Protection. 


You can respond through the Resolution Center and you also have the option in the Transaction Details to refund the transaction. Here's also a Help Center article on how to Issue a Refund


Best of luck in the future!


 - Jon K

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