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Dispute over receiving half an order and having to return items for refund.


Dispute over receiving half an order and having to return items for refund.

I placed an order for some moulds and resin from a company which stated in the shipping would be sent my Parcel Force 48.  Great I thought straight from the UK to me here in the UK.  Order placed, delivery arrived six weeks later with the UK postal label, but underneath was a shipped from China label.  Clearly the seller had the item shipped from China to them and then posted it to me, not to worry I thought least it has arrived.  Only problem being there was only half of the order, 147 items were missing.  I messaged the company, reply was "sorry you were not satisfied with the items, you can have a partial refund or post the items back but this would be really expensive."  I replied with "Quite disappointed you did not explain why the other items were missing but I will settle for a partial refund."


A week later PayPal messaged to say the case was coming to a close and I should escalate my claim.  I did as instructed and received a message again from the seller to say "We are trying to process your refund but the refund system is not working, please have patience".  I logged into PayPal today to see a message saying "You have to send the items back and a shipping address, then I would get a full refund."  Normally this would not be a problem but just got a quote to send the items I did receive back and the cost is quite a lot more than what I paid for the whole items in the first place because surprisingly the return address is China.


Not that I am a suspicious person but did the seller know if they hung off from giving me any sort of refund then the only option for me would be to keep the items delivered but not have any refund (which would have been almost the cost of about half the order) or return the items and pay far more than what the original price was?  I also have to wait until Monday to find out if I could even post the items back as the parcel contains two bottles of liquid so may have to be sent as 'hazardous' which will bump up shipping costs even more.


I know PayPal have to protect businesses from some not so honest buyers but there should also be an option for buyers to reply to messages and not just think it is as simple as shipping the item and issuing a tracking number especially internationally.