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Dispute help needed!

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Dispute help needed!

I did not receive the services I paid for on PayPal. I opened a Dispute and it wouldn't let me proceed without first contacting the seller -- which I had already done multiple times.  I went ahead with the "unauthorized use" option because it said "OR other problem."  Now PayPal says since the transactions were authorized the dispute is closed. I can't open it again on the same charges.  The problem was not unauthorized use but I thought that was the first step. There aren't any correct options listed and I can't seem to contact anyone. What do I do?

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Re: Dispute help needed!



An unauthorised dispute is telling Paypal that your account was hacked and the transaction made without your consent.

Paypal would check IP addresses and devices used and see that that was not the case and so the dispute would be closed.


Unfortunately you can only open x1 dispute per transaction.


You have 2 options.


1. Phone customer services, explain how you made the mistake and see if they will open a dispute for you as a goodwill gesture.

2. If you funded that Paypal payment via a card then contact your card issuer and see if they will chargeback for you.

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