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Dispute gone wrong?

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Hello PayPal community, I recently purchased a luxury Louis Vuitton bag overseas in Japan through a seller over Instagram. Everything he sells is absolutely authentic and I have no problem with that. However, there was a slight miscommunication on the shipping date and I needed it on a certain date. I gladly understood and kindly asked for a refund. However, this “business owner” verbally attacked me and posted all my personal information all over his social media; throwing insults and profanity. He then personally direct messaged me and continued those insults. Everything would have been resolved very quickly if he had either refunded my money or shipped the bag the same day (he tried to scam me an extra $15 to do so). I have escalated my claim into a dispute, and since he refuses to refund my money; it is clear he will not respond to PayPal for more information and that I will get my money back. My question is, what are my options if he does respond and how do I deal with future buyers like this?

Dispute gone wrong?

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if he does not respond to a Paypal dispute,he lose.

if he does,he would have to upload tracking number and Paypal will give him some time  till tracking shows delivered

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