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Dispute filed against wrong person

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Dispute filed against wrong person

Recently there was a transaction on my account for a large chunk of money that i sent out and when Paypal texted me asking to confirm i hit no and they took the money i sent over to the recipient and now im being accused of scamming. Is there a way the dispute can go away and the other party can recieve the money I had originally sent.


Re: Dispute filed against wrong person

Hi @kevc08,


I'm sorry to hear that the response to a question about the transaction's legitimacy was incorrectly answered, causing a dispute to be opened. If the dispute is still open, you can contact customer service to request that the dispute be closed and the funds released. 


To contact customer service, please click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website for available options, or reach out by PM on Facebook or DM on Twitter.


If the dispute is closed in your favor, you can re-send the payment to the recipient. I do not recommend doing so if the dispute is still open, or you run the risk of paying twice.


I hope this helps!




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