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Dispute denied

New Community Member

Dispute denied


I ordered a Cardigan beginning of December that never came. They didn't provide me with any updates.

I got all my mail at the post office and never had any trouble receiving packages. 

The product never came. I made a disputed on PayPal and they looked into it. But now I got notified that my case was denied and they claim 

the product was sent.

I feel like PayPal should have made the company prove they sent it. If I seen a legit form showing it was delivered as they said, than I would feel better..but I believe they just took their word.

This is the first time anything like this has happened on PayPal, and I just got done telling someone that I really feel secure using PayPal because they seem to look out for their users. 😞

The company I ordered from:    *DIHUIXINGTE" Have you received this order? NO DID NOT RECEIVE ORDER.
3A5V549251223 December 21, 2020, Sent by CNE Status: ShippedTransaction ID32F52948XP168203VSeller info Dihuixing Technology Co., Ltd.