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Dispute denied beside

New Community Member

Dispute denied beside

I bought a dvd set back in June from a seller, however, in the end, I recieved the wrong item and the second shipment got lost in the mail. However, the seller did agree to give me a refund.


However, they never sent me my money back! After waiting a while, I decided to file a dispute with paypal at the resolution center.

I uploaded every single email, the item I wrongly recieved, the email chain showing the seller agreeing to a refund, yet in the end Paypal still denied my case due to "insufficient documentation".


I simply do not understand how I could have been denied, and the appeal process says I have to upload additional documentation despite the fact that I uploaded pretty much every single piece of significant documentation.

What can I do? While the order was more than 180 days ago, it seemed that the dispute was still considered, and even if that was the reason the case was denied they did not make that clear