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Dispute closed due to fake tracking


Dispute closed due to fake tracking

I filed a dispute that was closed due to a fake tracking number given by merchant. I never received a receipt for the item, I never received a tracking number, I never received the item. I am so mad right now. I paid with PayPal because I thought there was some sort of consumer protection against predators. What do I do now?

Re: Dispute closed due to fake tracking

Issue resolved. I wrote to paypal, and they looked at the tracking number and determined it was fake and issued a refund. One point for the home team.
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Re: Dispute closed due to fake tracking



Paypal provide buyer AND seller protection so as they are the middleman that protection can't be a 100% coverall or insurance policy.

So you need to read up on it and then risk assess your own transactions, a refund is never guaranteed but paypal will assist you in trying to recover your funds if you are scammed.


As the seller provided tracking then paypals automated dispute process would find in their favour, so now you have to do some work to help get back your funds from your scam seller........


To submit an appeal on the dispute that was closed, PayPal asks that you obtain a detailed report from the shipper/courier (on their letterhead or some other form of official stationary) that includes the address the seller gave them for the shipment. Or one that includes a statement mentioning your address and saying the item was delivered to a different address.
Check tracking in below link to see where it went.

When you have that, contact PayPal via phone (log on to your account and click Contact at the bottom of the page, however that may not be an option at the moment due to covid), or via Facebook (send a Private Message to PayPal) or via Twitter (send a Direct Message to @AskPayPal) and say you want to appeal the denial of the dispute based on the shipper saying the item was delivered to a different address. Once it's submitted (you will be provided with directions on how to do that), the dispute will be reviewed further and a determination will be made.

You also have the option to contact your card issuer if you funded your paypal payment that way and see if they will do a chargeback for you.

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