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Dispute case denied


Dispute case denied

 We purchased a Greenlee metal stud punch (a tool) from a vendor who was listed as Frankarm under Amazon sellers in March.  We did not receive the item, so we disputed it a few weeks ago.  In the dispute case, I stated that the Frankarm website only sells hats and showed a screenshot of a product  search for the item we purchased with a result of "no items found".     Paypal has denied our request for return of funds, because the seller ( a private seller with a Chinese server email address) showed a tracking receipt.  I have tried to contact Paypal to find out just where the tracking receipt said it was delivered. All I can see is that the case is closed and there is no "Appeals" option.  I want to know HOW it was delivered, because we live on a flag lot and have security cameras that show all the traffic that comes down the driveway.  We don't have porch pirates EVER, because the driveway is very long with two houses above us.  I also have Informed Delivery from USPS that shows a picture of the mail I will receive.  In my research for the Frankarm/Chinese internet server, I discovered that other customers have had the same issue with sellers who say they are the Frankarm website.


What I would like to know is, what can I do to protect myself from Paypal siding with fraudulent sellers who have tracking receipts?  If the claim was denied, shouldn't I have access to the proof that it was delivered?  As in what day/time it was delivered, and who delivered it?  For example, if Amazon delivers it, they take a photo of the package on your doorstep.  How does Paypal know that the post office or delivery was actually made at MY house and not put in the wrong mailbox by the postman? Also, doesn't it matter that the store who supposedly sold it to me doesn't sell the product I purchased?  


I also bought another item around the same time with my personal Paypal account and it had a tracking number.  The seller turned out to be from China as well.  The tracking number that the company gave me shows that it was flown from China to the United States.  It has no further tracking.  That was April 1st.  Since this is my second purchase from a seller who looks like a legitimate seller and then turns out to be a Chinese scam, I wonder if it is even worth my time to dispute it. What are your thoughts?