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Dispute canceled by Discover (credit card company), PayPal refuses to close dispute on their end

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Hi, Basically, I previously filled a dispute with Discover (credit card company) regarding a PayPal charge. That dispute was however canceled by discover on 5/15 at my request. PayPal however, won’t close the dispute on their end, claiming that Discover hasn’t notified them that they closed this dispute. I have been going back and forth with agents of both sides and here is my understanding: - discover claims that they already closed the dispute, have already sent me an email confirmation. - PayPal should close it on their end as well following the closing of it by Discover. However they claimed that they haven’t received any word from Discover, which is untrue because there are email confirmations regarding this dispute closing I really don’t know what to do to get my money back. It just seems PayPal just wants to hold on to this sum

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