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Dispute actualizacion Help, Please...

New Community Member

Dispute actualizacion Help, Please...

Hi everyone! I'm reaching to the community because I have a question about a dispute and PayPal is not answering me.

I'm from US and my Paypal account is personal. I filed a dispute by July 10 about a possible scam from a company located in China: I bought a Nintendo Switch console at $249.99, the seller's website was advertised like an US company with free shipping, that's why I decided to buy from them. The seller never communicated with me to let me know if they received the order or the status of the order, I tried to communicate and wrote 3 emails (one email each week) to the address this company had in the Paypal receipt and they never answered, so I decided to open the claim. I specifically wrote that I thought this company was a scam. PayPal could communicate with the seller and they finally sent the package's tracking number. The package was a gift for a friend's son, so I sent it to my friend's address (different than mine); by Sept 9 I checked with the shipping company and it said the package had been delivered two days before. I called my friend to let her know the console was delivered and when she checked, they didn't sent the Nintendo Switch console, they sent an iPhone 11 protector case. I made an actualizacion of the case in the resolution center with this new info and new pictures of the package my friend received, but I cannot see any actualizacion, only appears the old info and pictures I sent for the first claim. I have tried of actualizing again, but it doesn't let me do it.

Does this mean PayPal never received my actualizacion of the case? Somebody else had have an experience like this?