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Dispute a Transaction


Dispute a Transaction

I made a purchase last week with an online food company called Goldbelly and arranged for the payment through Paypal. However, I changed my mind within ten minutes of making the order and received an acknowledgment of the cancellation form Goldbelly.  Now, I see that the charge is listed as a processed purchase on my credit card. I plan to dispute the charge, but I am not sure whether that should be done through the credit card, the merchant, or with Paypal. Or should I do it with all of them?

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Re: Dispute a Transaction


What does it say next to the transaction in your Paypal account?

1. Pending (with a clearance date)
2. Pending/Unclaimed with a cancel option.
3. Pending/Unclaimed withOUT a cancel option.
4. Payment or Sent.
5. Pending/Uncleared with a clearance date.
6. Pending awaiting authorisation.

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