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Dispute - Seller is saying they are unable to process refund?

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So I purchased an item advertised for sale on a site ‘Depop’ everything went through fine payment received my order confirmation etc. The seller then contacts me a while later explaining that she not longer had the item and that it wasn’t for sale and she should have taken it off her selling page. She then said that I had to raise a dispute to get my money back as my payment had already went through, she then turned it in to a escalated it to a claim to PayPal and it now saying she can’t issue the refund it won’t let her - can anyone help ?will PayPal look in to this if she doesn’t respond to them and will I receive my money back? I am panicking as the seller isn’t very helpful and I’m worried of losing my money as I’m sure everyone knows moneys tight at the moment given the current situation the country is in. Can anyone please help or advise that I shouldn’t worry! Thank you!

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