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Dispute Return Shipping


Dispute Return Shipping

Hello. I've searched past posts and cant seem to find a direct answer to my situation. 

I purchased a engine from a seller on Facebook. I paid the freight to have him ship it to me. Once I installed it, I found out it was internally damaged. I reached back out to the seller and he agreed to refund me my money. After waiting over a month for payment, I opened a claim thru PayPal and won the claim. My money has been returned to me and I still have the engine. My question is, Should the Seller cover the return shipping costs of the engine? It costs over $100 to ship it and i dont think that i should have to pay to get it back to him since I've already lost $100 on incoming shipping costs. The PayPal claim is closed and from what it looks like, the seller ignored all contact thru the process. 


Any help would be great!





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