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Dispute Resolution Failure


Dispute Resolution Failure

I recently underwent my very first issue as a seller in over 20 years selling on ebay and am very confused with how the matter was resolved and would love to hear from someone with experience that can explain to me what went wrong.  I have completely lost faith in paypal after this process.


I sold a watch described as preowned with numerous pictures of every part - crown, back, crystal, band.  No refund policy was clearly identified.  I had not owned the watch long and it worked perfectly.  Shortly after receiving the watch, the buyer claimed they did not like the item.  They also claimed the band had more signs of wear than they understood from the listing and pictures.  I disputed the same and expressed that the watch band was clearly shown in the pictures and the watch was, at no time, claimed as new but preowned.  Ebay confirmed no return and seller left my first (in over 20 years) negative feedback.  Time went by and then I received notification from paypal that they were, again, seeking a refund but now through paypal.  This time, they alleged that the watch was broken.  No pictures or support were ever provided.  I disputed their claims.  It seemed to me that this was an easy resolution - without proof of a true issue and considering the course of dealings (i.e. their changing of the reasons they wanted a refund) and with the clear listing details and pictures.  Paypal, however, determined "the best course" was to have the buyer return the watch and make me refund the entire amount (purchase amount, fees, etc.).  I was completely shocked.


Now, the watch has been shipped and, as soon as it is received, I have to refund them.  Even aside from the horrible resolution decision, do I not have any ability to review the item to make sure the watch was not damaged by them?  Why would I continue to use paypal for buying and selling when unsupported claims relating to goods transactions are resolved in this manner?  If I maintain a no refund policy on a selling service that is upheld by the selling service and then paypal can ignore the same and simply choose, without any substantiation or explanation, to side with the buyer, what are my options in the future?  Do I have no appeal options at this point?  I'm beyond frustrated at how this claim was resolved and have no idea how to proceed as a seller in the future.

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Re: Dispute Resolution Failure



Paypal never sees the item you send or the item the buyer sends back so they make a judgement call.

In the event of an item received but not as described they tend to favour the buyer but the buyer has to send the item back to you first.


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Re: Dispute Resolution Failure

@kernowlassThank you for the response.  I can understand that generally. I think its a difficult proposition to understand practically as a seller when a buyer can make a claim and use the process to their benefit.  I could also see the argument that I can simply relist the item and try to sell it again.  The problem, though, is that (using my case as an example) the buyer initially tried to claim one problem with the item through ebay unsuccessfully and then posted negative feedback (my first ever).  A month later, they tried to claim another, completely different problem but this time used the resolution process through paypal.  Now, I'll have a difficult time (if not an absolutely impossible time) trying to resell it.


As an update, I received the item back and it was in working order.  I don't want to suggest that the buyer was acting fraudulently just because they didn't like the item after they bought it, but there is clearly no defect.  I took video of it working properly, but was advised that paypal cannot receive/review video.  I would not suggest that paypal effectively conduct mini-legal trials for every dispute with both sides submitting evidence, but I do believe that more evidence of a problem with the item on behalf of the buyer should be required other than the mere claim.  As a seller, if I submit pictures and accurate descriptions and conduct myself honestly, I would expect that the transaction will be completed as bargained for.