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Dispute Limitations


Dispute Limitations

I made a transaction using Paypal for payment, minutes later I realized that I am buying from a seller selling fake items. So I immediately filed a Dispute, unfortunately I went to "unauthorized transaction" section in which PayPal denied my dispute since I choose the wrong section.


Now I want to open the dispute again but the system is not allowing me. Then I directly contacted them and told me that I cannot open again a dispute since I made a mistake the first time and even told me to deal with my bank directly!


I want to cancel my transaction and i have not even received the FAKE item.

Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you!

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Re: Dispute Limitations



By opening a dispute for unauthorised transaction you were telling paypal that your paypal account was hacked and that transaction made without your consent, paypal would check IP addresses / devices and if they think you were not hacked would close the case.


You are only allowed x1 dispute per transaction.

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