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Dispute Help?

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Dispute Help?

Okay, so, I have been letting my best friend store her money in this paypal (hers has unresolved issues that wont fix or something?), and she often buys characters/sells them (same with art) digitally, and about a month ago she sold a character for $80 to a person. She said she would also add on two pieces of art to the character for the buyer, they agreed, but it did not contribute to the cost at all. Right at the time the buyer sent the money, they received the character. However, the problem comes in now. They are angry that the art has yet to be completed, but my best friend has communicated that she's been unable to do much art-wise due to her current life situation (not bad, just busy with a lot of things. not much free time for things like drawing), however they want a FULL refund of the $80 because the art hasn't been completed. The art did not contribute to the $80 cost at all, so I am wondering if they HAVE a case/if they potentially can win it? (worried about that because this is my paypal and my best friend doesn't have the money to repay atm) I have yet to reply to the dispute because I am trying to see if they even have a case to dispute for the $80.
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Re: Dispute Help?



yes they may have a case, dependent on how the item was sold / any description on the invoice or money request OR how they funded their payment.

sadly as its your paypal account then its your responsibility if you lose the dispute 😥

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