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Dispute Declined - Digital Services


Dispute Declined - Digital Services

Hi all,


I paid to a lifetime subscription to a stock trading room which consists of videos and chatroom. I was mainly interested in the video portion which the seller stated that it is an intensive course study which sadly I discovered as paying that it was very basic. I notified the seller 2 days after purchase and the seller said that it will be updated shortly that he was in the process of adding more content. I waited two month and new was added to the course. I asked for a refund and the seller declined.


I started a paypal refund dispute and Paypal sided with the seller. Paypal reasoning was that I logged into the site. Logging in even once disqualifies me for receiving a refund. 


After the refund was declined, the seller blocked me from logging in and when I asked the reason why, he states that anyone that asks for a refund automatically gets denied access. So ... no refund and unable to use the subscription. 


I called paypal and explained the denied access. Paypal was not able to assist me. Case is closed. Rep said if I used a credit card for payment, I should contact my credit card provider. Sadly, I did not use a credit card. I used my bank account.


Any suggestions? At this point, it isn't the money that I lost, it seems unfair, a scam?