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Disagree with Paypal resoultion


Disagree with Paypal resoultion

I recently got an item which is totally different frol what was advertised. I escalated to PayPal and the final result was to send the item back to seller for full refund. However, the seller will not cover the return shipping fee. There is no other options for me to dispute the resolution provided by PayPal other than adding the return tracking number. Later I tried to contact the seller through PayPal but there is error when trying to submit the message multiple times. The item difference is too obvious that this is know the seller is scamming.
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Re: Disagree with Paypal resoultion



As per buyer protection, PayPal doesn't provide for return shipping costs in the dispute as PayPal can't refund you more than what you originally paid. Seller has to agree and provide return shipping funds to you on another PayPal transaction and follow through with it but this can be abused so I can see why sellers may be reticent to provide it.


However, PayPal has a return shipping refund program for future purchases if this return is not eligible:

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