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Did my account got limited with no reason?

New Community Member

Did my account got limited with no reason?

Hello everyone, new poster here!

(I apologize for furthers grammar errors or weird spelling, english's not my native languaje.)


As the title says a few days ago I got this email by Paypal about ''Your account has been limited until you provide additional information.'' So I go straigth to my account and submit every document they ask for, still there was this request where I have to explain some transactions I did on certain dates but I didn't any kind of transaction on the given dates. I didn't get what I needed to to so I decide to call them to talk about how can I help to get my account back and everything was going pretty fine until I got asked about what I'm selling, I explain; I create and sell digital content, digital ilustrations for personal use (Pointing out the websites where I most got contacted by my clients and a little bit of the whole process). Then they ask for a minute, hang outs, and a few minutes later they come back saying something similar as the following:

I asked and we'll regrettably have to decline your request since ''That busines doesn't go with paypal'' You'll have to wait 180 days to make a withdraw.


I was pretty shocked but decide to not make any questions. Late night of the same day I decide to share what happened and a lot of people tells me that they probably misunderstood the situation and I shouldn't have my account limited and that I need to call again and get a proper explanation. And to be honest, I know a lot of artist that works the same way as me so I don't understand what's hapening.


So, I'm am doing something wrong? I should call again? I urgently need to access my funds.


Thanks in advance and thanks for reading.


Re: Did my account got limited with no reason?

Hi Ny-XII,


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member!


I regret that you have experienced a permanent limitation. When our review team deems it necessary to limit an account permanently, it is because of an evaluation of all of the information available. Please be assured that we do not take the decision to permanently limit an account lightly, and if there were an opportunity to provide information that would change the circumstances, we would request it. The funds may be held for up to 180 days in accordance with the User Agreement, you will receive an email notification once the funds are eligible for release.