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Did I just lose $1000..


Did I just lose $1000..


I have a newer account with apypal that i created to accept payments specially for my buisness. I have gotten 5-10 payments resuting in about a $1000 CAD balance.


Paypal decides to contact me and say my activity appears odd and they are locking my account until i give more inforation

The issues with these are the following:

1. They are requesting a tracking code from a purchase i made.. why would i need to supply that information

2. They are asking for credit card, debit card and bank statements.. yet my bank applies all of these under the same single document, and the system (and staff) refuse to accept duplicated submission for statements

3. I have refunds / price adjustments to make to my cusotmers orders, yet this cant be done from my locked account

4. I have recieved a larger order for a product of mine, yet my account is locked, should i still ship the item? Or am i going to ship the item than loose access to my accout (and the money from this order)


Overall this is a mess. 


Any help - the biggest issue is the #2 (with that they are asking for a "bank statement") yet my bank statement according to my bank is the same as my debit/credit statement