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Desperate ! How is this not a daylight robbery ?

New Community Member

Desperate ! How is this not a daylight robbery ?

Hey guys,


So I asked two friends to send me money on paypal instead of western union. They did so and the problems started. I tried to withdraw the the first payment (280 GBP) and it was pending. The second payment (700 GBP) could not be touched. I called and, as always, when you call paypal they make it much worse. Account limitation was placed. I submitted documents in a matter of minutes and 1 day later - "You cannot use paypal anymore". So, I cannot withdraw the money and I cannot refund it to the person who sent it. They keep it interest free for 6 months.


So let me get this clear. PayPal took the money from my friends and neither allows me to have it nor gives it back to them. How is that not a robbery ? OK, if they find my account suspicious, why don't you just refund the money back so that my friends can send it using a legit and non fraudulent organization ?