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Give them another try. It took some patience, but I received a full refund today. 


Dear Matt <removed>

Because we were unable to obtain additional information from London Co., Ltd. regarding your claim, this case has been resolved in your favor and you have received a refund of $45.99. If you paid with a credit card, the money is refunded to your credit card. Please note that it can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement. 

Transaction Details

Case number: PP-D-43615520

Seller's name: London  Co., Ltd.

Seller's email: 

Seller's transaction ID: 

Transaction date: October 5, 2019

Transaction amount: $45.99 US

Your transaction ID: 





Re: DID I GET SCAMMED seems lots of new start ups on facebook selling worlds smallest printer

bought the mini printer but nothing got refund from paypal

then bought from second seller again refunded

trying third seller so far had tracking info so maybe this time 

shop is Shopify hope this is ok

anyone had any think yet




I also received some bits of plastic it is a con as they have a tracking number
contacting paypal they were aware of this problem when I told them others had problems.
they said I had to wait till they responded. so am still waiting for a refund. I dont understand if paypal know this that they dont flag up
on the sale that there is a problem or ban them.(I have bought other items on facebook with the same problem and they all no the problems so why are they not stopping them. all the money they must lose. let a lone the waste of transport to the environment
come on facebook stop these ads and paypal stop taking payment for them

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I ordered a coat from when up to now no cost. I want my money back.


I was going to just let it go,and not try to get a refund thinking that all the hassell wasn't worth the $50.00 that I'm out.


That was until I posted to and started reading this thread.  After reading some comments about how this "Scammer"/Seller has been using PayPal for the last 3-4 years running the same scam. Putting up a Website/Facebook page listing popular products at a good price, using PayPal for a payment system. Then after a few days the link to the site is gone/dead. Most orders are never shipped but seller was paid in full. The few (like myself) who do actually get a tracking number and a item sent, ends up with a cheap $2 PoS item that is no where close to the item that was order..


It seems most of these order/items are under the $50-$75 mark. The Scammers know that most people will not deal with the hassle to try to get a refund on relatively low dollar amounts, which gives them free money. 


Now let's talk about PayPal and PayPal Purchase Protection.  Seeing how this scam has been going on for 3-4 years now under the same company name/scammer/seller "London Meichi Co., Ltd." PayPal is well aware of the fraudulent actions that is scammer/seller is using. Breaking a couple of PayPal's "Seller Requirements" and still has not been removed as a PayPal Seller,  suspended or frozen their PayPal account. Who knows how many "Resolution Center" cases have been open against them over the last 3-4 years (only chance of getting a refund). So PayPal can't denied previous knowledge of this sellers actions/scams.


So with PayPal's previous knowledge, it made me see the light about PayPal services and their so call Purchase/Buyer Protection. The only ones getting any "Protection" is the scammer/seller and PayPal Services. Leaving us buyers with zero protection and zero recourse due to PayPal's legal contact (Terms & Conditions) we all agree too when you open a PayPal account and use their service.


The Scammer/Seller and PayPal see's this as a cash cow. The Seller (I'm guessing at these number) gets 60-75% free money on all orders because most people don't want to hassle with trying to get a refund. PayPal's cash cow on this scam is the 25-40% (again guessing at the numbers) of the refunds that Paypal gets back from the seller account also comes with "fees" that PayPal charges the seller for refunding the money.

Then if you add that, as mentioned by a couple people just in this thread along that PayPal only offers a 50% of total cost of item as a refund. (which is the offer I received and refused).

If accepted Paypal refunds 50% to the buyer keeps 50% plus all fees collected, which turns out to be a pretty good business model if you ask me.. PayPal have no "overhead" in these transactions, yet PayPal makes 50% + Fees on all of scammers refunded sales that buyers agree to taking 50% refund.


So the true question that needs to be asked and answered is. Who is the true scammers, and is there only one scammer/company running this scam..??? Or is there a "Service Company" and "Seller" that's are incahoots on this scam and other type of scams ran though their pay service...?


In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, as I don't have any actual hard numbers, but just putting 2 and 2 together and it's don't  add up to 4 in this case. But it does stink of a whole lot of shadiness.


I'm leaning to the theory that since both PayPal and the scammer/seller are making untold amount of free money (I'm guessing in the millions for each per year) on just this one type of scam, that's been going on for at least 3-4 years now , that PayPal fully knows about, supports, and possible has a hand in running these scams..


Again that is just my opinion, so take it as you will. I suggest you do a little digging about this and other scams ran through PayPal and come up with your own opinion be it good or bad..


As my post don't show PayPal in a good light, I doubt if it stay up very long before PayPal deletes or removes it even though it don't break any Forum rules. But I'm sure it will be removed under " PayPal reserves the right to remove any post without reason".



I received a response from PayPal today, after I refused to accept their partial 50% refund 2 days ago.


Today PayPal offer me a full refund with terms that I must pay to ship ($35+ using USPS) the item that I did not order back the the person who stole $45.99 from me.


So basically I was offered a $7.oo refund that some how PayPal considers to be a "Full Refund".. PayPal must be using some kind of new math, cause when I was in school $7.00 was not equal to $45.99.


So no, I did not accept this offer.. PayPal tries to make it where you can't respond back unless you accept the terms of the offer. You have to enter a Shipping Carrier and a Tracking Number to be able to send your reply..  And if you don't reply back by a certain date, your case will be closed and ruled in favor of PayPal and the Scammer. But they need to tweak their system a little because I used my own Carrier (which I just started and named NO-DEAL) to ship the item back, and issued a BS tracking number...


But I'm not one to take a hosing laying down. It is not longer about $50, it's the principle that PayPal has been ripping off untold number of people who use their services in good faith thinking they are protected when buying produces over the internet from online scams. 



You need to call them and tell them that you will not send the item back to some remote Village in China in hopes that they will alert PayPal that the item was received and that could take months complain about it enough and they'll make the company eat the cost and you won't have to send it back getting a full refund. They need to make these people accountable for sending bunk **bleep** items.


Look now. Paypal has been exposed nationally for allowing or participating in these fraudulent transactions. Why are any of us still using paypal service? Lets kick them to the curb. Close your accounts. There are many other services that actually have ethics. Deop paypal today. We should never let any provider treat us like this. If it wasnt for us they wouldnt be in business.
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it appears to be a big known scam. didnt get mine either, filed through paypal, they send a package, just received it today, and its a SU 35 1/10 size smaller than the phantom 3.0 and not for water use. remember to video document the unboxing of a sealed package, if they ever send you anything.




Well, after researching the history of Paypal and these types of scams, it is fairly clear that Paypal is not only making money of these type of scams, but most likely are actually running these scams and using these bougas companies as front to mast their involvement. If you look at Paypals Buy Protection and refund policies, alone with their Seller Protection and the fees associated with using PayPal as a seller, you can clearly see how Paypal is using this and other scams as a revenue generating vehicle that is bilting untold millions from their customers that their online commerce business is setup to protect. 


Ebay and  Paypal are own by the same company, and has the identical "Buyer/Seller Protection Policies and Paypal, With Amazon, AliExpress cutting into Ebay's business  while Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square and other smashing Paypal's business it looks that both companies are turning to fronting "scams" as a business model to generate  part of their companies revenue. As the very same "scams" are becoming common on Ebay. I've have bought stuff from Ebay for 15+ years and not 1 single time had I ever bought that was a scam. That was until Dec. when my wife order a item of Ebay for a granddaughter for christmas. Turns out to be the same same just using a different item for sale.


All these "scams" seem to have a few things in common that once you know what to look for makes them fairly easy to spot. (Until they change things up). 1st. is the item for sell is will be under $50 US. This price will be a "good deal" and the normal price of the same item would be double if not more. 2nd is the Company/website contact information is only a email address. No customer service number. And no company address listed. 3rd. Free shipping  which just make the deal look that much better. 4th. You will not recieved a email with any tracking information, unless you email them and ask about the sending you tracking information. You will then get tracking information and once that item arrived it will not be anything close to what you order and is worthless.

All these work into PayPal/Ebay business model on how to make money upfront and on the backside off scams they front. With the item cost below $50 they have figured out that large percentage of the customers who get scammed will decided it's not worth the hassle after reading all the hopps you have to go though to get a refund using their Buy Protection.  So say if that's 70%  of the people that got scammed, their money lost is free money to PayPal /Ebay who front these scams. So the other 30% who open a case to try to get a refund, the first reply from Paypal/Ebay will be to offer you 50% and you don't have to shipped the junk item you received back.  Again whatever percentage accepts that is giving PayPal/Ebay free money as they only have to refund half of the money that they scammed you out of in the first place. And to the rest who refuse the 60% refund will now be offer a 100% refund only after you return the item to some place in China and you must pay for the shipping . Once you provide a tracking number (something you never got from seller) You money will be refunded in 5-30 business days. But here's the catch. They shipping will be $35-$45 to return a item that you paid under $50 dollars for. So PayPal?Ebay are counting on you refusing to paid to ship the item back. Once you do that, they will close the case and will not issue a refund. At this point its' straight 100% profit for them and never spend a dime to make untold millions...... 


So I can only hope that PayPal and Ebay both end up with a bunch a disgruntled employees that walks into the COE office or a board meeting and do what disgruntled employees do..