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Customer Service is **bleep**

New Community Member

Customer Service is **bleep**

Every time i have had an issue with Paypal and have to call in to get anything done, because they never answer e-mails or have any other forms of communication- i wait for over an hour on hold and then talk to some **bleep** who is rude and often they do nothing to help.


I had a transaction through E-bay where a buyer didn't get their items and contacted me.  We overnighted their items the next day and were received.  However, the buyer called their bank and put a stop payment on the order- over a month a half later, we still have no resolved and that money was just taken from me.  it is just an open case with no information.


They also play games holding money from foreign buyers sometimes- and other times they just clear them right away for no reason.  


It is unbelievable that we have to use paypal to be on Ebay.  and they get **bleep** on by their Customer  Service department, when they are holding our money.  

New Community Member

Re: Customer Service is **bleep**

Why is their no call back service, like E-bay has.  They don't even tell you how long you might have to wait.