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Cusotmer service with Disputes

New Community Member

Cusotmer service with Disputes

Anyone else think the customer service with disputes suck? I totally had a customer false advertise a product. Sent them pictures of the item I received and the item that was posted to see the difference. Took almost 2 months with no repsonse from anyone. THen they finally send me an address to return the item overseas and the address was anot a legit one and of course no response and no refund. Can't seem to talk to a live person. What's the point of a guarantee if the customer service sucks so bad and you gave them every bit of proof.


Re: Cusotmer service with Disputes

The absolute worst customer service I've ever seen. I bought a product I didn't receive for $90...the seller offered to refund me $5.99 to satisfy the dispute, and the website keeps telling me "something went wrong" when I try to respond to this insulting offer. I'm now at 30 hours since I started a chat with PayPal with no response, no help, no phone number to call. I'm officially done using PayPal.