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Country change limitations


Country change limitations

So I changed countries 4 years ago and continued to use my account without issues. When I read everyone else's posts here, people had a thing where they couldn't use it anymore, etc, but I could. So I thought it was fine. I made a big purchase that crossed the limitation yearly, and of course it trigged paypal system and I've been at war with PayPal since beginning of September. Proving that its me still does nothing, they decline everything and don't give a **bleep** about me it seems. I even created a new account with a correct country from where I can earn and started using it. Good that I withdrew majority of my money from my old account ($300 left) but I cannot close it or remove my card from there!!! So I cannot leave this account if they decide to limit it forever and keep the money. What the flying **bleep**.

In my opinion the country system is the worst system out there online. The dude who made that thing where you cant change countries needs to be fired. (and the one who did that thing: when you do, even if you prove that its you, they will freeze your money forever and ever on PP)


Only thing I wonder. I still have friends living in my old country. What if I just give their utility bill to PayPal?