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Counterfeit handbag


Counterfeit handbag

I received and confirmed that a counterfeit handbag was received by me through an ebay purchase.  I returned it 3/13 & due to the virus it is still not in Australia.  Ebay closed my case and I'm out over $1000.  

PayPal Employee

Re: Counterfeit handbag

Good day @sampam2 


I am very sorry that your case was closed by eBay but don't worry, you still have PayPal - if this transaction is not a "Guest" checkout. Please open a dispute through Resolution center by clicking I didn't receive my item or it's different than described. Should I open a dispute? Please select "Significantly not as described" since you were sent a counterfeit product.


You may also want to escalate the dispute to a claim anytime within 20 calendar days in the event that the seller is unresponsive.


Additional information: What's the difference between a dispute and a claim? 



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